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If you are interested in taking up archery or you are already an archer and are looking to shoot with us, you're in the right place.

Taking up archery

If you are completely new to the sport of archery, then you will need to complete a beginners course. As we are very new, we haven't yet decided on a date for our first beginners' course, but it will be within the next couple of months. We will be offering a couple of different ways to learn, one to one coaching and groups sessions. These will either be a one-day intensive course or spread over more than one session.

If you want to be informed when we launch these courses, please fill in the contact form opposite and give us a few details about you. Such as age, gender, physical condition and any archery experience you may have had.

One day course

We offer a one-day intensive coaching session at Field Archery Range with a qualified coach. We will start at 10am and finish around 3pm. All the equipment needed for the day will be provided, you need to bring your own food and weather appropriate clothing/footwear. We start at practice targets, where you will the basic techniques needed to get you shooting safely and competently. We will then head out onto the course for some more 'on the go' coaching, which will give you a real feel for what field archery is all about.

These sessions can be either on a one to one basis, one to two or one to three. We can accommodate bigger groups but please contact us first with specifics.

One to One - £50

One to Two - £40 per person

One to three - £35 per person

We will send you more information prior to the start of the course.

Already an archer

If you are already an archer and have your own equipment and are looking to shoot with us, we'd love to meet you. To shoot with us, use the contact us form on this page

Membership costs are: Senior (over 16) £50, or Juniors under 16 £25, under 12 £15 and under 10 £10. Please note there are restrictions on junior members relating to adult supervision.

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