Field archery

This is archery in it's purest form. Many people shooting in field archery clubs use bows that are very similar in style and construction to bows from centuries past.

What is field archery?

Field archery is the format of modern archery that takes place on a multi-target course set out over all kinds of terrain including fields, woods and forests.

Field archery is not shot over flat land, but includes up and down and cross-slopes, unmarked distance targets and challenges of light, dark and shadow.

World Archery (WA inc AGB) use a mix of WA field faces or 3D animals. WA hold a European and world 3D champs each year. Archers are shooting at 3D targets at different ranges up to 60m. There are different scoring rules depending on the country the event is held in.

In the case of NFAS, (National Field Archery Association) of which are one of our affiliations, targets are predominantly 3D or paper animal faces and are shot over varying distances, usually between 5 and 60 yards, with normally 36 targets to shoot.

The main purpose of field archery is to simulate hunting, as hunting with a bow and arrow is illegal in the UK, this is a close as it gets. But it’s mostly about enjoying the sport and having fun, whilst at the same time as competing against other archers and yourself.

Field archery under Archery GB guidelines will use paper target faces rather than 3D animals. These faces are normally circular targets (WA Field Face) but can also be paper animal faces.

Blaidd Field Archery Wrexham
Blaidd Field Archery Wrexham

Targets can be lifelike 3D foam targets, 2D animal-shaped targets or paper faces with photos of animals. Plus anything that can be made into a target for fun. We are having a Star Wars shoot, with Stormtroopers and Ewoks!

What are you trying to hit on an animal target?

Hitting different parts of the target means you achieve a different score. You shoot 3 arrows, one at a time, getting closer with each arrow. You stop shooting at a target, once you have a scoring hit, this may be after your first arrow or third. Click or hover over the areas on the target below for more info.

Types of bows

You can shoot pretty much any type of bow at our club, here are a few examples.

From top to bottom they are: Longbow, Horsebow, Flatbow, One Piece Field Bow, Take Down Field Bow (also called Traditional Recurve), Modern Take Down Field Bow, Olympic Style Recurve, Compound Bow

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