Field archery and overview

Field archery Field archery is a sport or pastime that has thousands of participants throughout the UK and the world. It normally takes place on a shooting range or course that is outdoor in woodland or forest. This allows the participants to get back to nature whilst enjoying the sport of archery. Archers are aiming…

Blaidd field archers

Old Delph but new to us

Three of Blaidd’s members made the trip up the M6 to Old Delph for their open shoot. As we are all new to NFAS, this was yet another course we hadn’t shot before. The archers present, were myself shooting TBH, Gareth also shooting TBH and Terry shooting Freestyle. First thing to not about Old Delph…

field archery wrexham

A real challenge at Redoutables

Image – Marc shooting at Target 2, one of our favourites from this Sunday So, another weekend and another hot one. Man, you’ve got to like this weather, that is unless you are sweating your way around a forest being eaten alive whilst trying to do field archery. Well this weekend at Redoutables, that wasn’t…