How to score a 3D round

If you are new to field archery or just new to 3D field, this should help you get an idea of how to shoot and score a round

3D and animal rounds

Game Round (also called Animal or Big Game)
The faces are pictures of animals having an inner “kill” zone and an outer “wound” zone. Each target has three pegs, one arrow being shot from each but only until a score is made. The arrow from the first peg can score 20 (kill) or 16 (wound); the arrow from the second peg 14 or 10 and from the third peg 8 or 4. On the score card put which arrow has scored and the score, i.e. “2 for 10″ for second arrow wound. On American Faces kill zone approximates the heart/lungs area and is rectangular with semi-circular ends, the overall widths and lengths being, on the four target sizes:- Group 1 -9″ x 14.5″ Group 2 – 7″ x 10.5″, Group 3 – 4.5″ x 7″, Group 4 – 2.5″ x 3.75”. The colourful Swedish faces have circular kills – 12″, 9″, 6″ & 3″ diameter, not necessarily over the heart/lungs area. A basic unit of 14 targets should contain 3 Group 1,3 Group 2,4 Group 3 and 4 Group 4. Group 1s are usually shot at about 35-60yds, Group 2s at 24-40yds., Group3s at 15-30yds and Group 4s at 10-20yds. Juniors see Rule 6B.

Woodsman Round
This only differs from the Game Round in that you stop shooting only when you kill and scores are 5 for any wound and 30, 20, or 10 for a kill from 1″, 2nd or 3rd peg respectively. On the Score Card put number of hits and total score, i.e. for a first arrow wound, second arrow kill put “2 for 25” Juniors see rule 6B.

Forester Round
The faces used are full-colour but only the scoring rings matter. Each target has an outer ring, an inner ring of half the diameter of the outer and a ‘spot” one third the diameter of the inner. Scoring is 5 for an outer, 10 for an inner and 15 for a spot. On the score card put the number of scoring arrows and total score and also any spots One arrow is shot from each and every peg. Targets with a 24″ diameter outer have 4 pegs, 18″ have 3, 12″ have 2 and 6″ have 1. A basic unit of 14 targets should contain 3-24″, 4-18″, 4-12″ and 3-6″, Distances are more or less as for game targets Juniors see Rule 6C.

Bushman Round
This is as for the Forester Round except that 24″ and 18″ targets have 3 pegs, 12″ and 6″ 2 pegs each, one arrow from each peg. Two 6″ laces are provided on a boss to avoid arrow damage. Juniors see Rule 6C except 2-4″ – only 3 arrows as 18″

Poachers Round
This is as for the Forester Round except that each target has 3 pegs U is usual to provide three faces on a boss for the 6″ targets to avoid arrow damage Juniors see Rule 6C except 24″ – only 3 arrows as for 18″

“Swedish Forester”, Bushman, Poacher rounds
These versions use Swedish Game Faces to which a central spot has been added. The Kill rings become the inner “10” rings, she wound line defines the “5” zone, the spots (one third the diameter of the kill) score 15

Order of Shooting
There is no rule but a good idea is to let the highest scorer on one target shoot first on the next target.

3D and animal scoring

This is how to score the Big Game round. It’s the most popular round in this type of archery. Note the target below has an ‘inner kill’ not all targets have the inner kill. The red markers on the target indicate first arrow, blue are second arrow and white third arrow. Hover or click on the markers below for more info.

Anywhere on the 3D animal counts as a hit and scores, even the tip of the tail or end of the nose. But be careful you don’t hit some ‘terrain’ on the target. as in the tree stump and the sand on the beaver target above, as this will not count as a scoring arrow.

Download a sample score sheet

Here you can download a sample score sheet for a 36 target round.

Blaidd-36 Target Score Sheet x 3