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Covid-19   |   Updated July 20th 2020

General precautions

  • Anyone that has been in contact with someone who has, or is suspected as having, Covid-19 must NOT come to the course/woods. 
  • Anyone who has the recognised symptoms of Covid-19 must NOT come to the course/woods. 
  • We recommend that anyone that has vulnerable people living at home should not come to the course/woods. 
  • You MUST bring your own hand sanitiser with you for use during shooting.
  • We recommend that archers carry a small bottle of spray disinfectant that they can use to disinfect any surface they may come in to contact with, using bare hands. This is not instead of using hand sanitiser, but as a double precaution.
  • Masks are recommended, but not mandatory.
  • Communal facilities at course/woods will remain unavailable. No member of the club should access the shed.
  • You must not car share unless with members of your own household
  • The club will provide foaming hand sanitiser at base camp and in the toilet. This is there as a back up should you misplace or lose your own hand sanitiser whilst out in the woods. Do not remove the sanitiser bottles from the base camp or toilet.

Only the following people are allowed in the woods to shoot:

  1. Single individual
    Lone Archer policy to be adhered to – see:
  2. Family groups living in the same household
  3. Small groups of people observing social distancing, to shoot round together.

The toilet

The toilet will remain padlocked but can be used as before. You MUST sanitise your hands before and after opening the padlock and of course after using the facilities.

Outline procedure follows

Procedure for using the course is as follows and MUST be adhered to:

  1. If the car park is locked, you MUST sanitise your hands before opening the padlock and gate and again afterwards. This applies to locking the gate if last out in the evening.
  2. The sign-in box will be in use, so sanitise your hands before and after use.
  3. If other people are in the car park, social distancing must be applied, this is also the case when passing the houses on the way to the wood and should you meet anyone else whist in the woods.
  4. Gloves should be worn to open and close both gates that give us access to the woods. Disposable gloves recommended. Or you must sanitise your hands before and after opening and closing the gate. Gloves are easier.
  5. All disposable gloves to be taken home with you.
  6. Gloves are not mandatory when shooting, but you must use hand sanitiser once you have removed your gloves and also before and after touching any common surface with your bare hands, this includes the arrow bin in the car park, the targets, any seating or surfaces around base camp, the toilet and the shed.
  7. You must not lend, borrow or swap any equipment with archers you are with
  8. You must always pull your own arrows. Approach the target one at a time, pull your own arrows, then stand 2 metres away to allow the other person to pull their arrows.
  9. Whenever possible, you must not touch the targets or bosses with bare hands. If you think you need to, you must sanitise your hands before and after doing so.
  10. Lost arrows. You can help to find other archers arrows, but you must use an arrow rake of your own and upon finding the arrow notify the archer to retrieve it. If you find a different arrow from the one you are looking for, you can retrieve it as long as you sanitise your hands before and after touching it and after leaving it in the arrow bin.
  11. Non-shooting members of your own household are allowed but they must adhere to the rules set out here. But if possible don’t bring non-shooting individuals in order to help keep the number of people in the wood down.
  12. Should Government guidance change and impose more restrictions, that advice will supersede this document

Anyone found to not be observing these guidelines will be asked to leave the woods and may, subject to a committee decision, have their membership revoked.

As soon as we can lift these restrictions we will of course do so. Until that time arrives, we hope everyone can get on board with what we are trying to do and act responsibly.

Blaidd Field Archers Committee