If you are shooting in our woods on your own, you will be classed as a ‘Lone Archer’ and as such you must adhere to the contents of this policy document to be covered by your NFAS insurance.

General precautions

  1. Whenever possible, you should be with one other person whist in the wood. If not another shooting archer, then a family member over 16
  2. Take extra precautions when traversing slopes and narrow tracks.
  3. Do not come to the woods if you are not in good health.
  4. Always have a fully charged mobile phone with you. It must be web enabled – see below
  5. Make sure you are prepared for all weather conditions, in terms of clothing, headgear and footwear and in terms of fluids in warm weather.
  6. Take extra care when handling your equipment and knives or other tools that you may carry.
  7. Take particular care when shooting in high winds, especially if shooting off the rock or when shooting the Gorilla.
  8. Where possible inform a family member of your whereabouts, the time you are intending to shoot and the time you intend to finish and contact them when back in your car.
The process below must be followed every time you shoot as a Lone Archer

When doing so, an email is sent to two inboxes of the committee. If we do not receive the second notification when you leave we will investigate further and take the appropriate actions.

1. Go to www.blaidd.info and click the menu in the top left. This will bring up this screen. This only shows on mobile.

2.  Press the Lone Archer button to bring up the next screen and fill in the form before you enter the woods.

3. On submission, you will be sent to a new page. Leave it open and fill in that form when you leave the woods.