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Bitten by the NFAS bug and some actual bugs

By June 12, 2018No Comments
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This was my third visit to Delamere’s course, the first was to get NFAS sign off and the other two were for shoots. The first was their wooden arrow shoot in the spring and last weekend for their open shoot on their new course.

I really enjoyed both courses and this was made even better by winning my class in both of these comps. The group I shot with classed the course as hard and yes there were quite a few difficult targets and some long ones, but I actually achieved my highest score to date shooting NFAS, but that may be more down to me getting used to NFAS field archery rather than anything else.

The guys at Delamere had laid a good course in my opinion and I only blanked one target and that was a really short one, which was disappointing. There was good use of terrain and distances where disguised and I got several wrong, meaning more blue peg shoots than I would like, but that’s the point. It’s you against the course and on several targets, the course definitely won. Oh and the insects had a good day too!

I’m really starting to like the NFAS way of shooting and the whole experience.

If you get a chance to shoot Delamere you should, it’s easy to find with the course being just off a major A road and you’ll get a friendly welcome. I look forward to my next visit.

Ken Davies

Ken Davies

Ken shoots Traditional Bowhunter in NFAS and Traditional Recurve in AGB. He's the Secretary at Blaidd Field Archers and our coach.