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Blaidd Field Archers visit Clayton Woodsmen

By May 25, 2018June 2nd, 2018No Comments
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Two of Blaidd’s members visited Clayton Woodsmen for their open shot on 20th of May 2018. This was our first visit to Clayton and we were very impressed with the course and in particular, the fun they had with many of the targets.

There was several that were made from random items they had found, such as a tiny rubber frog, some plastic fish and what can only describe as a zombie rat?

The course itself is very compact and made great use of the land and terrain and that’s what you want in field archery, plenty of variety. There were uphill shots and downhill shots, plus a shot in the middle of a stream, with a guy in waders collecting the arrows.

We were in the company of over 120 archers on a perfect early summers day and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, made even better when Ken won his category of Traditional Bow Hunter.

We would recommend visiting Clayton if you get the chance as I’m sure you’ll like the experience. We have invited the guys at Clayton Woodsmen to our first open shoot on September 2nd. Hope to see them there.

Ken Davies

Ken Davies

Ken shoots Traditional Bowhunter in NFAS and Traditional Recurve in AGB. He's the Secretary at Blaidd Field Archers and our coach.