Field archery

We are a new club, but we have plans to grow fast. So get in touch today and find out how to become part of Blaidd Field Archers.

What is field archery?

Field archery is the format of modern archery that takes place on a multi-target course set out over all kinds of terrain including fields, woods and forests.

Field archery is not shot over flat land, but includes up and down and cross-slopes, unmarked distance targets and challenges of light, dark and shadow. These additional aspects require skills known as “fieldcraft”.

In the case of NFAS, (National Field Archery Association) of which we are affiliated, targets are predominantly 3D or paper animal faces and are shot over varying distances, usually between 5 and 60 yards.

The main purpose of field archery is to simulate hunting, as hunting with a bow and arrow is illegal in the UK, this is a close as it gets. But it’s mostly about enjoying the sport and having fun, whilst at the same time as competing against other archers and yourself.

A bit about us

Blaidd Field Archers was founded in 2018 (yes we’re that new) by new to NFAS archers. We’ve been shooting on our course for three years under AGB rules as Wrexham Bowmen but it was being underutilised. So we decided to try and increase the use of the course by opening it up to other archers.

We have an amazing piece of woodland with fantastic views and steep slopes. We’re on the side if a mountain so some of it is very steep. The woodland changes as you move round the course with a variety of species of trees.

Our pond might not be big but the pontoon shot is enough to worry the most sure footed of archer. Then there is “the rock” on a clear day the views are breathtaking. Just remember to duck when the planes go over.

The course is having a revamp this year to allow us to run both NFAS and AGB competitions. The idea is to have 4 loops of 12 bosses so we can have separate marked and unmarked courses for AGB and use any three from the four for NFAS competitions.

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