The guidelines below are specific to members of Wrexham Bowmen and thier rights to use the course from 1.10.18 to the 30.9.19. Members of Blaidd Field Archers can get a copy of their guidelines by emailing [email protected]

Field course guidelines – Wrexham Members

NOTE: You must now be a full shooting member of NFAS to use this course. You MUST carry your NFAS card with you at all times when on the course

       General use

You can use the course 6 days a week. Only Blaidd Field Archers membership can use the course on a Sunday. You can use the course at all other times as long as there is reasonable daylight. Please use common sense.

Arriving at the course

  1. Please don’t block anyone in on the car park, this includes blocking access to the riding paddock at the back of the car park and access to the horse box.
  2. Please be respectful to the neighbouring houses when entering the car park, parking and walking up to the course from the car park.
  3. If you arrive and the car park gate is locked, please be sure to prop the gate open and re-lock the combination padlock on the chain once you have opened it. (code 1056)
  4. There is a sign in sheet in a grey box mounted on two wooden poles at the back of the car park. Please fill in the sheet each time you shoot.
  5. When heading up to the course, please close all gates behind you.

NEW IMPORTANT – Shooting notifications for archers and residents of Bryn Yorkin

  1. In the grey box you will find a bag of yellow metal tags. Each archer should take a tag and put their name on it – there will be a white paint pen in the box and a black Sharpie for this purpose – This tag is going to be needed every time you shoot, so please keep it with your archery kit. As you go through the bottom gate, if you look to your right you will see a wooden board with hooks, place your tag on a hook as you head up to the course and remove it when you exit. These are there to notify the residents of the house that someone is shooting and how many people. It also lets you see who is there before you head on to the course, hence the names. There is also a hook on the bottom and this is for members of the house to use to indicate that they are on the mountain and that we should be mindful of this when shooting. Their tag is house shaped.YOU MUST use this system. If you forget your tag, there will be spare ones on the box, but don’t write your name on a second one unless you lose the first one, just use it as a spare and put it back in the box after.

    You also must still use the sign in sheet, as this is a permanent record of the course and who used it and when. 

  1. General Safety
  2. When on the course, please keep an eye out for people on the site. Although the site is private property, people still do walk their dogs on the site and other people are seen on the site from time to time. There will occasionally be horse riders on the site.
  3. When shooting on target 16 (down hill towards the main path) it is very important to be aware that people could cross the path of the arrows if they are walking on the site. On this target we suggest you call out prior to shooting to inform anyone in the vicinity of the targets that you are about to shoot. PLEASE BE AWARE ON ALL TARGETS FOR MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC.
  4. As with all field courses, you MUST only draw your bow back when pointing at the target. No high draws are permitted.
  5. If you arrive at a target peg when there is another shooting party at the target boss, do not nock an arrow or draw your bow, even if arrows are not nocked.
  6. Make sure the shooting party ahead of you is at least 15 meters away from the target boss before you commence your shooting.
  7. If you are ever unsure if it is safe to shoot, DON’T SHOOT
  8. To comply with NFAS insurance you should not shoot on the course by yourself. If you choose to be on the course by yourself you will not be covered by any insurance and Blaidd Field Archers and the owner of the land cannot be held responsible for any incidents.
  9. Lost arrows. Please try and find any arrows that miss the bosses. If however you give up on an arrows after a reasonable amount of time searching, make a note of the arrow type, fletching colours and the target where you lost it and where you think you missed the target (above left or low right etc) on the lost arrow sheet in the same box as the sign in sheet.
  10. Found arrows. If you find an arrow that isn’t yours whilst on the course, please take it with you and put it in the arrow bin which is in the car park attached to the telegraph pole.
  11. Damage to targets. If you discover any damage to a target whilst on the course, such as targets moved, overturned etc, if possible try and fix the issue, as long as you can do this without injuring yourself. If the damage can’t be fixed, please report this to the club via email to [email protected].
  12. Target faces. If target faces need replacing, please contact the club via email. Note during the winter months, face get blown off quite frequently. We do try and keep on top of this, but there may be times when you get on a target and face is missing. If you can find it, please put it back on the boss.
  13. 3D targets. These are there for the enjoyment of all members, but are expensive to replace, so you can of course shoot at them, but you MUST NOT shoot multiple arrows at them for practice. They can only be shot as part of a ‘NFAS round’ you are shooting and as such only one arrow per archer should be hitting the target. Archers found to be ignoring this rule may have their rights to shoot revoked.
  14. Incidents on the course. If there is an incident of any type that you feel needs to be reported, please do so via email to [email protected] or post it on the FaceBook group.

Other Information

  1. Toilet. There is a composting toilet on the course. This is by the shed and rules for its use are inside and later in the document. Please adhere to these rules at all times, to ensure its continued effectiveness. If there is a padlock on the loo, the code will be 1415. Make sure the loo is locked after use and the combination moved off 1415.
  2. During late spring and early summer the bracken on the course grows very quickly and can obscure some of the targets from the pegs. We try and keep on top of this, but there may be occasions where this causes you an issue. Please let us know any targets where this is an issue so we can rectify the situation. Also feel free to cut any of this bracken down when on the course to help yourself and other archers.

Toilet Rules

Everyone using the toilet must sit down, this includes men. The blue section at the front of the loo seat catches liquids and there are sent to a soak away on the hill, hence you have to sit. Solids are caught in the receptacle under the seat, this includes toilet paper. If doing a number 1, please pour a small amount of water down the blue section to help swill it after use. If doing number 2, please put a handful of sawdust into the solids receptacle before use and then again after use. Also swill the blue section with water. Make sure no liquids or water go into the solids receptacle. This is very important.