Open shoot Results

The weather was a real mixed bag with sun, rain, sleet and at times very strong winds. As always, thank you to all the archers who attended.

David Schofield AFB Gents Gents Blaidd
Andy Brown AFB Gents Gents DW Longbow 400
Dave Pedley AFB Gents Gents Long Eaton 400
Marie Blackhall AFB Ladies Ladies Delamere
Jo Gough AFB Ladies Ladies Long Eaton 300
Richard Ford BB Gents Gents Delamere 556
John Eddleston BB Gents Gents Old Delph
Mark Brookes BB Gents Gents Cobra Archers 438
Ray McCaffrey BB Gents Gents Blaidd 266
Tony Flood BB Gents Gents Independent 270
Steffan Hall BB Gents Gents Afan Nedd 470
Derrick Reeves BB Gents Gents Bowmeisters
Leeroy Smy BB Gents Gents Clayton 506
Doug Laird BB Gents Gents Audley Parish 476
Deborah Evans BB Ladies Ladies Redoubtables
Jackie Brookes BB Ladies Ladies Cobra Archers 482
Orlaith Flood BB Ladies Ladies Independent
Gill Asprey BB Ladies Ladies Bowmeisters
Mai Slaney BB U12G U12 Girls Cheshire Oak
Ben Cavanagh BB U9B U9 Boys Blaidd 156
James Baxter BH Gents Gents Independent
Helen Hall BH Ladies ladies Afan Nedd 340
Robert Pierce CL Gents Gents Redoubtables DNF
Abbi Cavanagh BB U14G U14 Blaidd 62
Antony King FS Gents Gents Independent 574
John Taylor FS Gents Gents Fleet Ibex 588
Terence Barclay FS Gents Gents Blaidd 512
Ruth Wing FS Ladies Ladies Ye Olde Delph 488
Nick Evans FS U14b U14 Boys Redoubtables
Andy Baker HT Gents Gents Delamere 406
Ian Bennett HT Gents Gents Padget de Vasey 402
Howard Roberts HT Gents Gents Redoubtables 352
Paul Delevs HT Gents Gents Redoubtables 294
Mel Mayer HT Gents Gents Clayton 512
Neil Mayer HT Gents Gents Clayton 362
Peter Plunkett HT Gents Gents Derwynd 442
Mark Paterson HT Gents Gents Delamere 490
Paul Baker HT Gents Gents Independent 486
Sarah Cavanagh HT Ladies Ladies Blaidd 178
Sheila Munro HT Ladies Ladies Independent
Julia Baker HT Ladies Ladies Independent 350
Paul Evans LB Gents Gents Redoubtables
David Carmen LB Gents Gents Blaidd
Jay Slaney LB Gents Gents Cheshire Oak
Richard Beal LB Gents Gents Cheshire Oak 328
Stephen Blackhall LB Gents Gents Delamere 464
Mark Tarbuck LB Gents Gents DW Longbow 432
Collin Cavanagh LB Gents Gents Blaidd 188
Graham Anderson LB Gents Gents Afan Nedd 298
Wendy Young LB Ladies Ladies DW Longbow
Andrew Booth PV Gents Gents Independent
Sandra Anderson PV Ladies Ladies Afan Nedd 238
Wayne Gilbert TBH Gents Gents Delamere 400
GARETH JARVIS TBH Gents Gents Blaidd 508
Jonathan Dring TBH Gents Gents Delamere 462
Gus Gramauskas TBH Gents Gents independent 536
Paul Egerton TBH Gents Gents Bowmeisters 406
Skip Mc Dowell TBH Gents Gents Bowmeisters 472
Meirian Davies TBH Gents Gents Bowmeisters 320
Paul Daley TBH Gents Gents Independent 418
Paul Curtis TBH Gents Gents Blaidd 436
Bruce Walton TBH Gents Gents Stonebow F A 282
Marian Merisor TBH Gents Gents Delamere 548
Trish Gramauskas TBH Ladies Ladies independent DNF
Viv Guthrie TBH Ladies Ladies Delamere 398
Kathy Newall TBH Ladies Ladies Independent
Camelia Merisor TBH Ladies Ladies Delamere 282
Toria Hough TBH Ladies Ladies Independent 316
Stephen Smith UL Gents Gents Old Delph 572
Dave Horder UL Gents Gents Bowmeisters 674
Steve May UL Gents Gents Foxhill DNF
Mike Williams XB Gents Gents Cheshire Oak 654

If you see a “-” instead of a score, this is due to the archer not competing for one reason or another or their scorecard is missing. If you are one of those archers and know your score, please get in touch by email [email protected] so we can add your score.