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Field archery

We are a field archery club based in North Wales. We have access to possibly one of the best woods in which to set an archery course in the UK, so why not contact us today to find out more about our club and field archery.

Our members can shoot 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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We are affiliated to Archery GB | NFASWFAA (IFAA)

Archery beginners courses

Beginners Courses

Archery beginner's courses available. Learn archery with our qualified coaches.

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Field archery in Wrexham, North Wales

If you’re interested in the sport and in particular field archery then we’d love to hear from you. Blaidd Field Archers are based just outside Wrexham and have a shooting ground that offers some of the best in the area if not the whole of the UK.

Our members can shoot 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

Get into the woods

Field archery is a great way to get into the sport as it is the most natural form of shooting. It is based around shooting in woods, forests and open ground and if you ever played ‘bow and arrows’ as a kid, then this is that. You, with a bow and arrows in the woods, it’s chance to release your inner Robin Hood.

field archery wrexham

Can anyone learn archery?

Anyone can take up the sport, but as we are a field archery club and based on a mountain, it is not really suited to anyone who is seriously physically disabled or wheelchair bound.

For this, you’d be much better to contact a target club that shoots on a school playing field or indoors in the school gym. We, of course, want to be inclusive to all people, but the demands of field and especially our course, are not suited to everyone.

Archery for all ages

But if you are physically able and want to get into this sport, then you really can’t beat field archery. Our minimum age for juniors is 7, but are happy to accommodate younger archers where possible. Junior archers must be accompanied by an adult at all times. We have no upper age limit and we welcome archers, new or experienced. If you’d like to learn then we offer beginner’s courses throughout the year.

Have a go Archery

If you have a local event and you’re looking for attractions to entertain your visitors, then how about Archery. We can run have a go archery sessions at your fete or event and it is run by our qualified coaches. Find out more.

Archery governing bodies

There are several governing bodies for the sport in the UK. The main body is Archery GB and is responsible for the British Olympic squad and for setting the guidelines for target shooting primarily. AGB members also compete in field, clout and many other forms of the sport.


Despite being the main body, AGB is not the largest when it comes to field, that would be NFAS. NFAS is a governing body that only shoots field and has thousands of members throughout the UK. NFAS has some very good archers, but is much more focused around the enjoyment of the sport rather than performance.

World Bodies

Finally, there are international bodies and their UK counterparts. There is World Archery (WA) with AGB being the UK affiliate and IFAA with WFAA, EFAA and  SFAA being the Welsh, English and Scottish affiliates.